Long Term Care Services

Monthly Consultant Report
Quarterly Consultant Report
Recommendations to Physicians, Nurses, Medical Director, and DON
Adverse Drug Reaction Evaluation
Psychoactive Utilization Trends
Analysis of Recommendation Categories
Reconcilitation of Responses To Previous Recommendations
Medication Pass Observations
Drug Storage Area Inspections
Pharmacist Inservices
Interim Medication Regimen reviews (iMRR)
All Consultant reports posted to this website for HIPPA access by pharmacy and facility

SNF Nursing Services

Staff Preparation for State and Federal Survey
Review and identify Facility Strengths and Weaknesses
Medication Administration Education and Observation
Staff Development Training & In-services
Drug Storage Area Review
Medeical Record Audits
Develop Plans for Correction and Survey Response
Informal Dispute Resolution, Development and Participation
Medication Reconcilitation
Nursing Evaluation, Oversight, and Education
Improve Communication between Pharmacy & Facility